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04/17/2012 - Arie Jones

A Sprint Around SQL Server 2012

Want to see all the new stuff Microsoft has made for DBAs & Devs to play with in SQL Server 2012 but just don’t have the time? Give me an hour and I will run around the different feature sets within the SQL Server 2012 framework. We’ll discuss and/or demonstrate everything from licensing, T-SQL enhancements, Always-On, MDS, DQS, Reporting Services, SSIS ,etc. Bring plenty of duct tape to wrap your head up in so that it doesn’t explode because this session will be jam-packed with knowledge!




Arie Jones 'AJ' is the Principal Technology Manager for Perpetual Technologies, Inc. in Indianapolis Indiana. Arie has over 10 years experience in SQL Server, Oracle, and .NET development. His main role consists of providing clients with high level BI, database, and application development solutions while mentoring PTI’s extensive staff of consultants on new technologies. Additionally, AJ is an avid community speaker, has written several books such as “Learn SQL in 24 Hours”, blogs extensively athttp://www.programmersedge.com , and is the one of the PASS Regional Mentors for the Midwest 

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