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The next Evansville SQL Pass meeting will be held on Thursday June 21, 2012 from 11:30am-1:00pm in the upstairs meeting room at the Central Library in Evansville, IN.  We will be viewing a presentation that happened at the 2011 PASS Summit by Jes Borland on Client Reporting. 

Reporting Services 201: From Basic To WOW! [BID-202]
Session Category: Regular Session (75 minutes)
Session Track: BI Client Reporting and Delivery Topics
Speaker(s): Jes Borland

You have mastered the art of linking a dataset to a table in SQL
Server Reporting Services. You have solid, reliable reports that you
and others depend on. Learn how to take them from basic to "wow",
using features such as tablix, lists, images, and charts. At the end
of this session, you will be familiar with:
- Report properties such as headers, footers and backgrounds
- Tablix properties such as ToolTip and NoRows
- How to build and customize a matrix
- How to effectively use lists, an often overlooked feature
- Adding charts to make reports visually appealing and easy to understand 

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