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10/11/11 - Round Table

We had a very good meeting today with 15 attendees. We introduced ourselves and discussed how we're using SQL Server and what we'd like to get out of this group. We then formed a list of topics and voted on them to see which ones generated the most interest.

Topic Votes
Performance tuning All
DB maintenance, warning signs, etc. All
Backups, stats, re-indexing All
Denali All
Reporting Services 10
SS Mgmt. Studio 10
Integration Services 10
Porting data to/from other systems/DBs (pros/cons of various solutions) 8
User Defined Functions 8
Indexes 7
Analysis Services 7
Sharepoint integration 7
3rd party tools (RedGate, etc) 6
Authoring stored procs (pros/cons, etc) 6
Source control, change mgmt. 6
Normalization (pros/cons, etc.) 6
Data warehousing 5
Security best practices 5
How to manage multiple instances 4
Virtualization of SS 4
XML features 4
Clustering 4
Data services (Wcf, Web Services, etc.) 4
Any 3rd party software to create/maintain schemas? 3
Deployment environments (DEV/QA/PROD) 3
Entity Framework -4

As you can see, we came up with a lot of good ideas. We'll be digesting this information and integrating it into our planning for next year.

Thanks to all who came out and contributed to the group today!

Jeff P.

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